A fully residential campus has separate living Blocks for Girls & Boys which are enclosed within individual boundary walls. The salient features are:
Comfortable, independent & fully furnished rooms with option for Ordinary/ Special! Sharing room options as per individual afford ability.
Facilities to upgrade comfort i.e.; installation of AC, etc at extra cost.
Attached Common Room with adequate sitting arrangements & where students can meet their parents & guests.
Music system, TV & indoor games like Table Tennis have been placed for recreation.
24 hour electricity and 24 hour maintenance back up.
Hot water in winters by solar energy.
24 hours ATM.
Stationary, medical and dental material shops within the campus to fulfil the daily needs of the students.
Dedicated central mess.
Adequate proper dining tables & dining chairs.
State of the Art Kitchen for central cooking.
Efficient hot food serving.
Promotes better mess etiquettes.
Daily Mess Menu made in consultation with Student representatives.
A proper Student—catering/ Serving staff ratio.
Proper dress code & Medical fitness of Catering & serving staff,
Fully self-reliant crockery, cutlery& cleaning system.
Water cooler & aqua guard in mess and on each floor.
Proper diet for Students declared "Sick in Quarters" by the Medical Officer students to approach warden for room service.
24 hour back up staff for cleaning & upkeep of rooms & personal utility facilities.
Special meals during important festivals and for fasts and during exam time.